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​Welcome to the official website of the Women's Golf Association of The Golf Trails of the Woodlands and Lake Windcrest

The objective of this Association is the promotion of good fellowship and sportsmanship among its members, to encourage the excellence of golf and to recognize achievement by awards and prizes.

​​​​The Golf Trails of the Woodlands/Lake Windcrest

(Women's Golf Association)

Women's Golf Association


The Golf Trails of The Woodlands and Lake Windcrest


2021 Board Members  


  President                                                    Diane Gunn –

  Vice President/ Membership                     Jeana Watson –

  Secretary                                                    Mary Armbruster –

  Treasurer                                                    Melba Aguilar – 

  Tournament Chairs                                    Blythe Thomas –

                                                                      Jeannine Delahunty –

  Parliamentarian                                          Maede Miller – 


Playday Representatives

Tuesday- Oaks/Panther 

Deadline for signup – Saturday at 5 PM

     Jane London -


Wednesday- Lake Windcrest

Deadline for signup – Sunday at 5 PM

     Jackie Haskell -

     Karen Christian -


Deadline for signup – Wednesday at noon 

     Cindy Bailey -

     Jeana Watson -

​​​2021 Interclub Calendar

February 25

Walden on Lake Houston

March 25

The Woodlands Country Club

April 29


May 20

Golf Trails

June 24

 Willow Creek

July 22

 River Plantation

August 26


September 16


October 28


November 18

Walden on Lake Conroe

For more information Contact Interclub Rep Linda Foster 

​​​2021 LCC Calendar

(Ladies Challenge Cup)

Round 1

February 26

Augusta Pines

March 12 

Lake Windcrest

Round 2

April 26


April 16

Lake Windcrest

Round 3

May 7


June 4

Lake Windcrest

Round 4

July 7

Falcon Point

July 16

Lake Windcrest

For more information Contact LCC Rep

Shirley Robertson